You Were Never Meant To Do It Alone

Dec 12, 2021
Group of women with their hands in a pact with the quote, "There is immense power when a group of people with similar interests get together to work toward the same goals."

Community. It's one of my core values and the greatest contributor to my life.

It is actually quite hilarious because if you’d known me in my younger years, I was the lone wolf who thought she had to do everything by herself. I hated asking for help. I struggled with being vulnerable enough to share my challenges with anyone for fear of being seen as weak or not having my sh*t together.

When I was in my corporate life and going through my divorce, I didn’t tell a single soul at work because I didn’t want them to see me as less capable or too emotional. I was crushed on the inside, but every day I would put on a brave face, go about my job, and then cry behind my closed office door.

Trying to hold it all in didn’t end well…

I eventually (by accident, or maybe not) broke down in a complete sobbing mess in front of the president of our company. My very worst fear had come to life. But it was also a huge relief to not have to hold it all on my own. (In case you’re wondering, he was so understanding and supportive. He even shared his own divorce struggles to let me know I wasn’t alone.)

I now understand that we were never meant to do it all alone. By nature, we are pack animals and need each other for the modern-day equivalent of survival – support, encouragement, and community. And I would argue that, after the events of the past 18 months of pandemic life, community has become more important than ever.

Throughout my reinvention journey, I have made it a point to live in alignment with my truth, let people see my struggles, and ask for help. It's still not always easy, but I know that it is necessary to create the life I want to live. One of the best things I have done is to surround myself with like-minded women who can help support my journey by being part of mastermind groups.

What's a mastermind group, you ask?

It's a group of people on similar journeys coming together to support each other in reaching a desired goal or outcome. A mastermind is a place where I can share my goals, dreams, and challenges, ask for help and get input and new perspectives from others who can see things more clearly than me.

I can’t tell you how often I reach out to my mastermind group when I feel overwhelmed and stuck and receive exactly the input, inspiration, and advice I need to keep moving forward. And sometimes they call me out on things I can’t or don’t want to see but need to hear. And the best part is that I know I don't have to do it alone.

​I want every midlife woman to have the opportunity to experience the empowerment and support that comes from a community of like-minded women on the same midlife reinvention journey.

It's why I created the Midlife Kickstarter Mastermind, which runs a few times a year.

If you are feeling stuck, questioning what’s next for your life, or have a dream or desire that you would like to bring to reality and are struggling to get there, consider a mastermind group. Whether it's starting a business, writing a book, switching careers, or just trying to figure out what’s next, you can find the support, coaching, and accountability you need to get clarity and move forward in ways that you just couldn’t do on your own.

I am a huge fan. We can't always see ourselves or our lives clearly, and having an outside perspective is so valuable. And let's be honest, sometimes we need to be lovingly called out on our sh*t. I can most definitely say that I would not be where I am today on my reinvention journey without the accountability and support of mastermind groups.


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