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Welcome, I’m Jennifer,

a former Fortune 500 corporate executive turned speaker, podcast host, leadership coach and a passionate advocate of the power of midlife women.

I, like most women I know, dread the thought of being called old. 

Not because of my age or how I feel but because of the rather toxic stigma in our society around ageing.

Especially as a woman.

Really, is there anything more insulting than being called old?  

All too often, our personal value as women is rooted in how we look, the shape of our bodies and even our ability to have babies. As we age and all of this begins to shift, it's easy to question our value and where we fit in.
Am I too old for X? Will I be taken seriously? Can I still chase my dreams? Is it too late to start over?

I was faced with these questions, and a whole lot more, during my own midlife reinvention at the age of 50 when I found myself divorced, an empty-nester, unemployed after a 30-year career and bedridden with a serious illness.

I know how daunting it can feel when all the messaging in our culture is telling us that we have somehow become a diminished version of our former selves just because we've reached a certain age. Such BS!!! I would argue that we are, in fact, just coming into the most powerful point in our lives.

Jennifer Arthurton
We are not the middle-aged women of our mothers and grandmothers’ time.

We are leading the way to a whole new revolution on aging. We are young, vibrant and energetic, with much to offer the world. We are confident and brave, with deep self-knowing and authenticity on our side, and we are more than capable of bringing to life anything that we can dream of.

Through Old Chicks Know Sh*t, I hope that you will see your own power, wisdom and capability reflected back to you when you need it most. I hope you feel inspired to chase your dreams, defy cultural stereotypes and do things you never thought possible. This is not the end of living but rather, just the end of a chapter, and there are many more exciting chapters to come.

They may think we are old, but we know that we know our sh*t!

Jennifer Arthurton

Ready to start your kick-ass next chapter?

Whether it's a new career, starting a business, tackling a physical challenge or chasing a long-held dream, I’ve got you.

I’m here to help you see the powerful woman you have become and remind you that you have everything it takes to create the next chapter you have been dreaming about.

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