The Key To Your Next Chapter

Mar 25, 2021
book open on beach sand

Are you, you?
Are you the most you, you can be?
LOL!! Sounds like the start of a Doctor Seuss book, doesn’t it?

Bear with me.

Midlife is the gateway to authenticity.

The biggest job for us at this time of life is to return to the truth of who we are underneath the roles and identifies that have kept us busy on the path of life - mom, wife, sister, daughter, _________<insert your career title>. We are being asked to let go of people, places and situations that no longer serve us and honour the truth within.

For some of us, that means returning to long-forgotten parts of us, and for others, like me, it’s getting to know ourselves for the very first time.
In the process of aligning with our truths, we come to this place of questioning ourselves and our lives….

Am I happy?
What’s next?
What do I want?
Have I fulfilled my purpose?
Have I used my gifts?

We might feel confused and even a bit conflicted with feeling grateful for what we have while also questioning where we want to go.

This is exactly where we are meant to be at this time of our life. Our next chapter is calling us towards our highest and best. These questions are the beginning of discovering what that means to us. Is it a new career, changing the terms of a relationship, tackling a challenge, starting a business or simply honouring our inner creative?

We are being called inward to listen, to honour the nudges and whispers that we may not have paid attention to in our busy past. We are being asked to honour all the parts of ourselves, some of which may not yet have had a chance to be expressed.

In fully honouring who we are, we find our gifts, and in our gifts lies the meaning and purpose for this next chapter of our lives. Being more of who we are is the pathway to the success, happiness and fulfilment we seek in our next chapter.

The key to your kick-ass next chapter is becoming more YOU.

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