Sometimes It's a Bar Brawl…

Jun 29, 2021
How is your Relationship to your Intuition

How is your relationship with your intuition?

  • Is it like a small, ignored child desperately trying to get your attention?
  • Is it yelling at you only to be told to sit down and shut up?
  • Or maybe you're asking, "Do I even have one?"

A few years back, my relationship with my intuition was like an ongoing bar brawl. ⁣

My intuition ignoring it.
My intuition telling it to shut up.⁣
My intuition giving me a shoving back⁣.

Back and forth...Until finally, it hit me with a chair to get my attention. ⁣And that came in the form of a stress illness that took over 2 years to heal.

It didn't need to be that way. It was a lot of unnecessary drama that left me feeling lost, overwhelmed, unhappy and burnt out. That's what happens when you try to ignore your truth.

Most of us were taught to value external information and validation over our own inner knowing. We were taught that the opinions and needs of others were more important than what we knew to be true. We didn’t trust ourselves enough to know that the little voice inside was guiding us toward our truth. And that in that truth lay all the answers we have ever needed. ⁣

At midlife, more than ever, we are being asked to turn inward.

To rekindle, or for some of us, begin the relationship with our intuition; to build a relationship of trust and respect; to understand that it is the compass navigating us towards our joy, bringing our gifts to the surface, and shining a light on our most authentic selves. At this time of life, we are being asked to step fully into our power and share our gifts, but we can’t do that if we don’t know our truth.

I would love to know, what’s your relationship to your intuition? Do you struggle like I did?

Click below and let me know.


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