Old Chicks Know Shit?

May 09, 2018
Jennifer Arthurton, founder of Old Chicks Know Shit

I get frequent comments and questions from people, especially women in mid-life, who say, “I love your work, but why are you calling us old? I hate being called old.”

This question has been asked enough that I suddenly feel the need to address it. Here it goes:

Old Chicks Know Sh*t aims to reclaim and redefine what it means to be in this middle stage of life.
When you reach your late 40’s, and especially in your 50’s, you are given the cultural designation of “old” or the slightly politer version, “older”. Cringe!! We react when we hear it because our culture has such a negative perception of what “old” means, i.e. past your prime, outdated, no longer relevant etc. It’s no wonder we wince who wants to be classified under that rather deflating definition.

Old Chick Know Sh*t is a tongue-in-cheek but very intentional expression to draw attention to a really important topic. Here’s what Old Chicks Know Sh*t really means: “Old”- you have lived and experienced a lot of life. “Chick” – you are still hip, relevant, current, and with-it. “Know” – you’ve gained invaluable knowledge through life lessons and experiences. “Sh*t” – your hard-earned knowledge covers a wide range of life’s most important topics.

Isn’t that a much nicer definition that better aligns with how we feel about middle age vs what our culture thinks? Old Chicks Know Sh*t is intended to shed a positive and empowering light on a time of life that has been grossly misunderstood. The intention is to help midlife women see the power they have and to inspire them to fully own it to create a midlife chapter that’s meaningful to them.

I would love to know how “Old Chicks Know Shit" resonates with you. Do you cringe at being called old or do you see the tongue-in-cheek expression that feels true for you?

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