Menopause is Mother Natures Gift

Feb 26, 2021
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Midlife is an incredibly powerful point in our lives, but unfortunately, we’ve never been taught to see it that way.

We live in a culture that has conditioned us to see midlife as the beginning of the end. Like we just shut down the engines at around age 50 and coast into the finish line. Such BS! We have 30 to 40 years of LIFE ahead of us.

This is not the end of anything. It’s a new beginning!

Midlife is a powerful new point of creation in our lives. As the demands of children, family and career begin to diminish, we are being handed a blank canvas to create the next version of ourselves and our lives.

After years of doing for others, this is the time where we collect the fragmented pieces of our energy (or a least some of them) and turn it back towards ourselves. What are our dreams and desires? What is important and meaningful to us?

There’s a perspective in Chinese medicine that gives me goosebumps every time I share it. (Please forgive this oversimplified explanation. I am not a Chinese medicine practitioner.)

The Chong meridian is one of the many energy channels that flow through the body. During our reproductive years, when we are focused on birthing and raising families, the energy flow of the Chong meridian goes downward toward our reproductive organs to bring energy and focus where it’s needed. Makes sense, right? But then, when we pass our childbearing years (read the big M), the channel of energy reverses and begins to flow upward and out through the eyes so that a woman may share her gifts with the world.

I mean, how beautiful is this? And so true.

There is meaning and purpose in every stage of life. Mother Nature didn’t make a mistake and just forget about us after age 40. Absolutely not! She knows the value of the knowledge, wisdom and experience of this time of our life. And she wants us to use it.

Even menopause is Mother Natures' gift to us. It’s a pattern interrupt to let us know that it's time to shift gears and refocus. Nothing like the hormonal upheaval, hot flashes and sleep deprivation to get your attention.

Am I right?

Did you know that female killer whales, the only other mammal to go through menopause, become the leaders of their pods in their post-reproductive years?

So if you’re questioning your life and asking yourself what’s next; If you’re feeling called to find meaning and purpose, getting a nudge to start something new or recreate some part of your life, it's perfectly normal and right on time. We are not meant to be the same women we were in the last chapter of life.

Feels kinda empowering, doesn't it!

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