Life is Unfolding For You

Jul 29, 2018
Acrobat silouhette infront of a full moon

In the past few weeks, there has been a lot happening in the skies, with 2 full moons, planets in retrograde, a blood moon and the longest eclipse in over a century. I am no astrologer but I can tell you that there was crazy energy swirling everywhere.
I don’t know about you guys - or if you even believe that what happens in the sky affects us here on earth, but I was feeling it. Lots of crazy things are happening for me, in me, and In the rest of the world, too it seems. The past few weeks have been a time of surprise, change and growth for me, and it got me thinking about how often life serves up the opportunity for us to re-evaluate where we are at and what changes we want or need to make.
The question is how do we handle those opportunities when they are presented. Do we see them as gifts and pay attention to the message or do we let old programming and limiting self-beliefs stand in the way and keep us stuck. For me, the last few years -since the age of 49- have been a constant lesson in riding the waves of change and growth. And It has not been easy; But I have to say that what has come out the other side of the sometimes seemingly endless challenges has astounded me. New parts of me have emerged and are emerging as result of the gifts that change (that I both initiated and responded to) has brought.
The new parts of me that are necessary to create this next kick-ass chapter of life have been exposed. The parts of me that were deeply buried by the obligations of life and limiting beliefs were uncovered in the process. I see them so clearly now. I have discovered that I crave adventure and freedom in ways I never have before.
I have learned how much I need a creative outlet to fully express myself. I understand how routine and over-scheduling brings my energy down. I see how trying to manage everyone's experience while putting myself last has kept me stuck. I clearly understand the need to double down on creating balance for both my physical and mental health. And, I also see the parts of me that still need healing. The difference now is that I see them with compassion rather than as faults to be corrected. They are just parts of me along for the ride as I create the next chapter.
I truly believe that life is happening for us, not to us and that it is all unfolding exactly as it should. All of the struggles, changes and growth are exactly what we need to fully live rather than just exist in the next chapter(s) of this amazing life.

What has your life prepared you for? Where are you taking the gifts that life has brought you next?

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