I Surprise Myself Sometimes...

Jun 23, 2021
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At the beginning of my reinvention journey, it all seemed so impossible. I would ask myself over and over again, “Where do I go from here?”

Divorced after 22 years of marriage - "Will I ever find love again?"

An unemployed corporate executive - "Will anyone want to hire a 50-year-old woman?"

Physically burnt out and sick - "Will I ever feel good again?"

These questions ran on a loop in my brain for months and months and months. I was swimming in a sea of self-doubt and limiting beliefs about what was possible for me. Add to that a healthy side dish of “Why me?” and you’ve got yourself a giant "feeling sorry for myself" stew. Not pretty.

I hated feeling stuck and powerless in my life, and what I began to realize is that these questions were actually keeping me stuck.

If I wanted a better life, I had to start asking myself better questions.

I stopped focusing on getting my old life back and started asking myself, "What was it that I wanted?" "What life did I want to create?" It’s a harder question than you might realize because most of us have never asked ourselves that question. We have been taught to respond to life instead of creating it.

For the first time ever, I made time to listen to what my life was trying to tell me and what my soul was asking for.

I followed my intuitive nudges and let my wildest dreams come to the surface, even though they felt strange and mostly impossible.

  • Create a community of women who are creating their kick-ass next chapters together. It can be a lonely endeavour sometimes.
  • Speak to groups of women and remind them how powerful they are.
  • Share inspirational transformation and reinvention stories through a podcast.
  • Mentor and support women who are feeling stuck in creating their next chapter of their lives.
  • Create an income that is equal to or greater than my corporate executive salary.
  • Find a partner to share my life with.

I even had a vision of the house that we would live in with a backyard in nature.

I can now say that as of about 4 weeks ago, I have checked every box on this list. All of these seemingly impossible dreams are now a reality right down to the vision of my bright, airy kitchen with a huge island and big windows looking out onto nature. I am still in awe of all that has manifested. But most of all I am so happy and proud of the life I have created.

I allowed myself to dream and create a vision. This step alone is so powerful.
I kept my overly analytical brain out of the “how is this going to happen?”
I followed my intuition and kept taking inspired action.
I trusted my calling.
I believe that this vision was given to me for a reason.
I believed that the universe had my back.

It wasn’t an overnight thing. It wasn’t always easy. I did have fear and doubt along the way. I can't tell you how many times I wanted to quit. #human. But I stayed on the path. I trusted. I worked through layers of mindset blocks and old programming.

I share all this with you because, as I mentioned in my last blow, we need to celebrate ourselves and our accomplishments. This blog is a celebration of my life and all that I have created … and you are my witnesses.

I’m standing in awe of how powerful we actually are when we give ourselves a chance. And I know that if it's possible for me, then it’s possible for you too.

What if you trusted that everything you want is possible for you?

What if you trusted that the universe is conspiring in your favour?

What if you trusted yourself and your calling?

I would love for you to share your celebrations with me, whether big or small.


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