Are You Being Called?

Aug 30, 2021
Clouds with the quote; “What stands in the way becomes the way.”

Ever feel called toward something but yet you resist it? You're curious and think about it often, but can't quite bring yourself to take steps toward it?

“What stands in the way becomes the way.” ~ Marcus Aurelius

I'm in that place right now. There's something that has been calling to me for quite some time that I am trying to avoid. It keeps popping up in my awareness: in social media, in friends' comments and then again randomly last week in a mastermind group that I belong to.

Side Note: Have you ever been part of a mastermind? Group of like-minded people who offer community, support and accountability towards an objective. I'm in my 3rd one right now, and I have to say it's probably one of the best things I have ever done for my life and business. Having this group support and encouraging me has allowed me to get places where I simply would not be on my own. If you're curious about mastermind groups, stay tuned coz I have something interesting coming.

I digress: So when something pops into my awareness repeatedly, I take it as a sign that I am meant to follow and take action. I love how the universe always finds a way to make sure I get the message.

My soul is most definitely calling me forward, but my mind is resisting with all it's got. I can't quite bring myself to do the thing. Yet! I know that at the other end of that resistance, there is something great waiting for me. Some of the best gifts in my life have come at the other end of resistance.

Apologies for being overly cryptic here. I promise I will share more about what this thing is as soon as I wrap my mind around it.

So why is it that when our soul knows what's up, our minds resist?

It's scary to trust our inner nudges. It's scary to step forward on a path that's new and unexplored. We don't trust ourselves enough to manage through what we can't yet see. Our human brain doesn't like surprises. It wants to see and control everything. And naturally, when it can't, it sounds the alarm bells.

Learning to trust our inner nudges as the guideposts to our growth, purpose happiness takes practice. Learning to override the natural fear response is not always easy. I've been in this work for many years and still remind myself daily that my soul knows best.

Contrary to everything we have been taught, the mind is not the best decision-maker, and the soul never steers you wrong. Let the soul lead, and then let the mind do what it does best and figure out the how.

What are you being called toward that you are resisting? I'd love you to let me know how I can support you.

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