A New Version of You

Mar 21, 2018
"Every stage of your life demands a different version of you."

When we’re young, we think we’ve got it all figured out. We approach the world with blissful ignorance because we don’t know what we don’t know. And then life happens, and as we navigate the different phases, we uncover new and different versions of ourselves that we had no idea existed. Life, like nature, is a constant cycle of growth and change, and each stage reveals a new dimension of you.

So, as we enter this next chapter called midlife, we are yet again being asked to step into a new version of ourselves. And while we may not have control over the physical changes that we experience, we do get to decide who we want to become in this new stage of life. I, for one, am deciding to step into all areas of my life in a much bigger and bolder way, allowing my light to shine brightly. No more hiding and playing small.
What new version of you are you introducing to the world?

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