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An intimate 4 week online group workshop for women who are ready to step powerfully

into the next chapter of life. 

The Empowerment Intensive

An intimate 4-week online group workshop for women who are ready to step powerfully into the next chapter of life.


Are you ready to create a meaningful and authentic next chapter that lights your soul on fire?

  • You’ve been asking yourself  "What's next ?"

  • You know that you want something more for your life but you have no idea what it is, let alone how to get there​​

  • You’re looking to re-invent yourself or some part of your life and you're feeling all the fear and doubt that goes along with big change

  • Or maybe you have a dream or a deep soul nudge that’s calling to you but you’re unsure of the how to take the next steps

Whether it’s  a new career, building a business, changing  a relationship, moving to a new country or simply fully owning the most authentic version of yourself it is never too late.

Can you imagine waking up every day feeling aligned with your passion and purpose, inspired, and excited about the life that lies ahead of you? 

“You were meant to live a life full of Passion, Purpose, Magic and Miracles"

We live in a society that has conditioned us to believe that no matter how vibrant and energetic we are, when we reach our late 40’s and 50’s we are at the beginning of the downward slope into old age oblivion. It’s no wonder that we struggle with questions, fears and doubts about what’s next for us. Or that so often we begin to feel  invisible  or irrelevant.

The truth of the matter is that this is not the end. Not even close to it. Although we may not always feel like it, we are strong and powerful in ways we have never been before. We are stepping into a new chapter that is asking something different of us and we have everything we need inside us to create whatever we can dream. This is the most powerful point of your life.

"The afternoon of life is just as meaningful as the morning: only its meaning and  purpose are different."  ~ Carl Jung

After finding myself divorced,  an empty-nester, unemployed and bedridden with a stress-related illness at the age of 50, I was forced to reinvent myself and my life. (Read: did not go willingly Ha! ).  It was a hugely  uncomfortable  time filled with fear and doubt. Lots of it!!! “Can I start over at 50?” “Will I be able to support myself?”  “Am I too old to be taking these risks?”  "Am I good enough?" "Do I have what it takes?

​What I learned through the process of my own reinvention from unhappy, stressed out corporate executive to writer, speaker and coach was surrender, trust and a process that allowed me to tap into the power of my inner knowing (for the first time in my life) to create a life of passion, freedom and fulfilment that I never thought possible.

I was able to re-build and create my next chapter from a place of empowerment and inspiration rather than fear and doubt.  I could not have done that without tools, resources and support and that’s what I have created for you with The Empowerment Intensive.

jen balcony.jpeg

Connection   Clarity     Courage

The Empowerment Intensive is a 4-week online group workshop designed to help you Connect to your inner knowing,  get Clarity on what you want and uncover the Courage to step powerfully into the next chapter of your life.

During our 4 weeks together you will understand:

  • Why we feel lost at this time of life. (Hint: You’re not going crazy. There is a perfectly logical explanation)

  • How we claim our energy back for ourselves

  • Finding meaning and purpose

  • Self-trust and intuition

  • How to work with the energy of attraction

  • How to move past fear into action

  • Creating the vision for your kick-ass next chapter vision


The program includes:

  • 4 weekly  60-90 minute group video calls (on Zoom)

  • 1  1:1 personal coaching session (to be booked at your convenience during the 4 weeks)

  • Weekly meditations to help us ground and turn inwards towards the answers within

  • Take-home exercises and integration practices 

  • Private Facebook group to support you both during and after the program as you work toward your new reality

 4-Week group program. 


(Only 8 spots available)

Early Bird Bonus:

Be one of the first 4 to register and receive an additional personal coaching session at no extra cost. 


The program begins February 17th

  • Call dates; February 17, February 24, March 3, March 10th @ 7:00Pm EST

  • All zoom video calls will be recorded and posted in the Facebook group for those who cannot attend in person.

Private 1:1 Coaching packages are also available. Message me below to find out more about this option.

Thanks so much for your !:1 Coaching Inquiry.  I will respond to you message shortly.      

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