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This weekend version 5.2 of Me was released. It’s a significant upgrade from 4.0, 4.5 and even 4.9. It may not have all the cosmetic features that it used to but functionality wise it’s a definite improvement. Ha, Ha!

But seriously, I used to dread birthdays because I hated the thought of getting older- of getting closer to middle aged, of being sucked into the no mans land that our culture would have you believe it is. I was always a little depressed and would hope for the day to go by unnoticed so that I could pretend it wasn’t really happening.  

Oh how things have changed. Now I make sure to take time to really celebrate me. I truly love and appreciate who I have become. I embrace it because I know that with each year I learn more, grow more, do more and become a better version of me. I’m so excited to see what version 5.2 will do this year and what new functionality will get installed in version 5.3.

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