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The Power of a Woman Knowing Her Passion

If we want to change cultural perceptions about midlife and aging then the first step is to change ourselves. If we want the world to honour and respect our stage of life then we must first honour and respect ourselves and everything we bring to the world. If our focus is solely on our changing bodies, grey hairs and trying to deny our age then how can we expect the world to see us differently?

How we show the world our magnificence is to find our joys, uncover our passions, and live our lives to the fullest. There is nothing more powerful than a woman, no matter her age, living her passion and shining in her brilliance.  Do you know what lights you up? In my case after living a life focused on the "should do’s" and "have to’s" and furiously trying to deny my age (and few other things, I might add), life handed me a series of events that FORCED me (read: I did not go willingly) to really dig deep to figure out who I really was and what I wanted for my life. What were my passions? Where do I find joy? It took some soul searching and getting really present in my life to figure it out. Eventually it became clear and what I discovered was that when we're living life to its fullest, our fears and doubts begin to fade and age becomes irrelevant.

Do you know what lights you up? Is there a passion inside of you that is waiting to be let out?

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