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Stepping Boldly Into a New You

Change is hard and mid life is a time of big change in so many ways. Kids growing up and leaving home - or in my case kid leaving and then returning, physical changes- god knows I've been on the receiving end of those, and maybe even feeling dissatisfied with work or life - Yep I can relate to that too. But the crazy thing is that change is inevitable. Just as sure as death and taxes, aging and mid-life are going to catch up with us all at some point. You can’t deny it for long. I know this because I’ve tried Lol!!! So how do we navigate all this in a way that doesn't leave us feeling like we've completely lost control of our once well put together lives. 

This quote from Oprah really spoke to me. Instead of lamenting the things that we are losing, can we reframe to see it as a possibility for re-creation and re-invention towards a life that really works for us. Can we find some positives in what is almost always seen as a negative change? What are those things in your life that aren’t working that you haven’t had the bandwidth to address previously? Tell me below in the comments what changes you have made or are feeling inspired to make to live your best life. I’ll go first. See the comments below.

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