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Midlife Chronicles

Midlife chronicles: Questions that never entered your mind before you reached mid life. I consider myself to be somewhat stylish and up to date in my fashion choices. I like to dress well and feel good in my clothes. I would also consider myself on the somewhat trendy/edgy side of things, but every once in a while I fall victim to the “what’s expected of a woman in her 50’s” BS and I question my fashion choices. I will usually turn to my 24 year daughter for her advice on the matter and 99.9% of the time she answers with “Mom if you feel good in it then you’re not too old”.

Don’t you love it when you see hip and stylish midlife women owning their look no matter what they are wearing. You can see it on their faces and in their demeanor. There is no better fashion accessory than confidence. The lesson: Wear what makes you feel good in your skin and own it!!

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