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Follow Your Bliss

Follow your bliss! This is easier said than done sometimes. I know for me, there was a time when I had no idea what my bliss was. I was so busy doing, pushing accomplishing in the day to day of my life that I completely lost myself in the process. Yes I was getting things done and checking off accomplishments but I never actually stopped long enough to find out if any of it was really making me happy. Life has funny ways (actually not so funny ways in my experience) of letting you know when you are off track and always gives you the opportunity to change things. Luckily its never to late, no matter what age you are, to make the changes in your life that will make you truly happy. Can you relate? Has life ever tapped you on the shoulder and said "uh, uh this is no longer for you". Or maybe you got the brick in the head like I did. Sometimes that happens if you're not paying attention. I'd love to hear your stories. I'm looking for awesome midlife transformation stories to feature on blog. Leave a comment or send me a DM. 

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