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The years between 40 and 60 can be a rather tumultuous time of life characterised by change. It can feel like the solid foundation upon which you built your life has been shaken loose -kids are leaving home (well that’s the plan at least), wrinkles and grey hairs are appearing faster than you would like, how you feel about your work and relationships changes and as if that isn’t enough, you get to manage through the sometimes quite uncomfortable and often confusing physical changes of menopause. You know, that feeling like some strange and uncontrollable force  has taken over your body. It can leave you feeling ungrounded and quite frankly a bit unsure of yourself and who you have become. It can really mess with your mind. While you know that you are a strong, capable and vibrant woman you often don’t feel like it. Doubts creep in. You start to question yourself and your abilities in just about every area of life. 

At this time of life, more than any other, we need to constantly remind ourselves that we are strong, smart, resilient and oh so capable of whatever it is that we want to do. Say it with me….. I am strong, smart, resilient and oh so capable. Yes, maybe the body that we have grown accustomed to is changing in ways we are not totally fond of and yes it feels like things are being taken from us, but in truth, we have actually acquired so much more than we are giving up. The life lessons, experience, knowledge and wisdom that we have gained are far more useful and powerful tools than any physical attribute. Nature in all her glorious wisdom is asking us to shift our focus from our superficial physical form to something much deeper, more enduring and way more powerful. We are being shown the truly outstanding being that has always existed inside ourselves but we were too busy to really take notice. Perhaps this is the time of life that nature is actually not taking anything from us but is in fact asking us to step into the most powerful version of ourselves.

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