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Being Present In Your Life

Living your best mid-life means being present to every moment. So often we are consumed in "should's", "to do's", insecurities and worries and before you know it half your life has gone by. How many times have we all said "time flies" "I cant believe this year is over already" and things like that. I don't know about you, but I for one have spent far too many years of my life consumed and missing out on precious moments. I've made a commitment to myself to spend more time being fully present and absorbing the small details of precious moments... the sky, sunsets, laughing at stupid jokes with my daughter, dinners with friends, playing with my niece, snowfall etc.... there are so many amazing moments presented to us everyday. Our job is to stop, take notice and acknowledge even if its only for a few seconds In the middle of a very busy day.

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