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Are You Feeling Stuck

Why is it that as smart, successful, and ambitious women so many of us feel stuck when it comes to figuring out what we want for our next chapter? We’ve run businesses, been successful in our careers, raised families, and tackled all kinds of challenges, and yet here we are … stuck, unsure about what we want, and no clue how to get there.

So many of us face this conundrum because we have become entangled in a tug of war between our minds and our souls. We have become really good at "mind muscling" our way through life, often ignoring our own inner whispers and desires. But what got us here, is not going to get us there. Our kick-ass next chapter requires a whole new way of being. A new skill set if you will.

At this time of our lives more than ever our soul's voice is demanding to be heard. It’s a quiet but persistent voice calling us forward toward our deepest desires. But our minds resist. Our mind loves the comfort of familiarity and repetition and so it tries to keep us exactly where we are by having us believe that we need to see the whole plan and have all the answers before we can take a step forward. Our soul is inviting us to step forward - Trust me and I will show you the way.

The answers we seek for this next chapter are already inside us. Our job is to tune in, listen and trust our soul whispers enough to take a small step in that direction. Our souls' guidance never leaves us hanging. Each step reveals the next as the path unfolds.

What is your soul calling you towards?

One of the easiest small steps we can take to honor our inner voice is to get it out of our heads and into the world. Write it in your journal or say it out loud.

Or if you feel called, hit reply to this email and share it with me. I will happily give you some guidance on how to continue taking steps towards your souls' desire.


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