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The Maven Masterclass

Complimentary 45 minute

Kickstarter Clarity Call


  • Are you feeling overwhelmed and confused about your next chapter?​ You can't seem to make a decision or move forward.

  • Do you know you want something more  but you're unsure and afraid of making a mistake?

  • Or maybe you know what you want to create for your life but you're feeling paralyzed with fear and doubt?


I've got you!!!   You are not alone. I know what it feels like and I work with women every day who are on the same journey towards their inspired next chapter.

During our free call we will talk about 3 things that will give you the kick-start you need to begin moving forward. 

  • Clarity ~ Uncover the key thing that you might not realize is holding you back from stepping into this powerful time of your life.  

  • Connection ~ All the answers you need are inside you. Lets talk about how to access  your inner wisdom and get the clarity you are seeking.

  • Courage ~ Lets talk about how to move through fear and doubt towards the life you want.

We can cover all 3 topics during our time together or we can spend our time focused on what resonates with you most.  This is YOUR call and I want support you in whatever way is most helpful in getting you started toward your kick-ass next chapter. 

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